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    Acclaim for Invitation to Believe:

    Julie Schelling's book, Invitation to Believe offers everyone a guide book on your journey through life. It can help you to find faith and understand why. We are all divine creations and with Julie's guidance you can find your inner divinity. I love the word guidance: God, you and I, dance. We are all one family and children of God. There is a unity related to where we have all come from and as a surgeon I can add: we are all one family, the same color inside. With her help you can find faith, the true God of creation and stop fearing separation from your Lord. You will learn how to become complete, authentic and to choose life. Your afflictions will become your teachers and labor pains of self-birth which will help you to heal and become God with skin on. She talks about understanding and I can tell you that God wants you to understand why. We don't have a perfect world because a perfect world is not creation it is a magic trick. Life is a school and we are all here to live and learn so start your education by reading this book.
          — Bernie Siegel, MD, author of The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles

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Invitation to Believe

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Invitation to Believe is a concise and powerful guide book that explains how to establish faith in the One Universal Power. Regardless of whether the reader believes in God or religion, or has no beliefs at all, this book will help the reader establish faith in a universal, non-denominational, spiritual Power that exists everywhere and can be accessed by anyone. The author describes her years studying with a holy man in Philadelphia and Sri Lanka, and how his presence and teachings impacted her life. She shares her challenges dealing with a chronic pain condition and how establishing real faith helped her manage her pain and regain control over her life. Invitation to Believe is based on the author’s spiritual journey to find the answers to the purpose of life.

The Author

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Julie R. Schelling is a certified work-life renewal coach, and founder of Coaching For Resonance. She received her coaching certification from the Teleos Leadership Institute and credentials from International Coach Federation. She is a graduate of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Professional Training Program at the University of Pennsylvania and practices mindfulness meditation on a daily basis and incorporates mindfulness into her coaching practice. Julie supports her clients with their self-development and in the discovery process of finding their lives' noble purpose. She is a lifelong student of the Sufi teachings of M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. Julie currently resides outside of Philadelphia, PA.


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“Faith is like fuel in an engine. Our soul is the vehicle, and our will is the driver. One can only drive the vehicle if one puts gas in the engine. The driver must pull up to the gas station, get out of the vehicle, and pump the gas. Only then will the vehicle be able to go where it needs to go. Similarly, if we are afflicted by certain difficulties and do nothing about it, we will only be able to go so far until our “gas” runs out. We have to do what it is in our own power to do: fuel our faith, and surrender the responsibility for whatever else happens, to God. Every time we surrender a thought of negativity to our faith in God, we are pumping more gas into our vehicle. Only then are we able to go where we need to go in our life.

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"Invitation To Believe is as easy to read as a children's book and the meanings revealed are as deep as the ocean. By sharing a journey of self discovery through pain, despair, faith, determination, insight, awakening, love, compassion, acceptance, surrender, wisdom, light and communion with God, Ms. Schelling in a very gentle way calls the reader to find their own heart's treasures. The book was gifted to its author so we could gift it to ourselves and then pass it on."
—Jonathan Granoff
"Ms Schelling: Thanks for your kind note and the gift of your book, Invitation to Believe. I appreciate your simple and lucid way of writing, and how your own trauma and recovering becomes a part of the invitation you extend to your readers, to believe and be healed. May your work and writing prosper."
Francis X. Clooney, SJ
Parkman Professor of Divinity, Director, The Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard University
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". . . Schelling
realized she had to use her faith to change her situation. She delved into the spiritual lessons she had learned during her decade studying with Sri Lankan holy man M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. Several mystical experiences followed her rational exploration of her beliefs. . . . the author’s sweet and sincere personal encounters with the divine bring the high-minded spiritual concepts comfortably down to Earth." —Kirkus Reviews